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Two more fake Chinese importers discovered
Here are the two more Chinese fake importer (scammer) reported by K&S Pallets, Australia on July 29,2015: 
Add: No.268 Youyi East Road, Xi An City, Shanxi, China
Website: www.chinaqinou.com
Tel: 0086-755-32840029
Website: www.hazfil.com 
How they TRAP you STEP by STEP ? 
First: Use automatic group mailing software to send you attractive offers and inquiries, with created official websites and email boxes. Formal documents, formal address, websites and bank accounts etc, everything seems to be normal. 
Second: Invite you to sign a formal Purchase Contract in person in China.
Third: Insist on notarizing the contract and they will use a non-exist notary office to notarize the document, then all the notary fee will be in their pocket. 
Fourth: Asking you for‘kickbacks’or‘bribes’in lot of‘pretexts’in China. 
Fifth: After they get all those money, they will disappear and replica the scam again. 
What are the Countermeasures against these Professional Business Fraudsters? 
First: Ask the importer for their Business License and Import License before your departure to China, then check out their registered information with local officials first. 
Second: Book a professional Company Inspection or Investigation service from a third-party service company, checking them out before further discussion.
Third: Appoint a local representative and visit them first before your departure to China, they are NOT able to cheat local experts. . 
Fourth: Never pay anything before receiving the deposit from the importer. 
No matter you're buying or selling, Due Diligence work is always important in China. Think it over before you pay out even one penny!
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