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Top 10 most valuable privately held Chinese brands
The Hurun Research Institute has released a list of China's most valuable brands in 2015. Published annually since 2006, it assesses the value of 200 home-grown mainland brands based on economic statistics and consumer surveys.
Among them, 101 are privately held and 99 State-owned, while 170 saw their value increase. The total brand value reached $696 billion, up 36 percent year-on-year.
Tencent, China's largest and most popular Internet service portal was named most valuable Chinese brand this year, worth $44.7 billion. Taobao, the leading e-commerce platform in China, came second, worth $42.9 billion, overtaking China Mobile, Baidu and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. China Mobile ranked third, worth $42.7 billion.
No 1 Tencent
Brand value: $44.7 billion
Increase: 33 percent
Industry: IT
Headquarters: Guangdong province
No 2 Taobao.com
Brand value: $42.9 billion
Increase: 44 percent
Industry: E-commerce
Headquarters: Zhejiang province
No 3 Baidu
Brand value: $40.3 billion
Increase: 32 percent
Industry: Internet search engine
Headquarters: Beijing
No 4 Tmall.com
Brand value: $15.32 billion
Increase: 98 percent
Industry: E-commerce
Headquarters: Zhejiang province
No 5 Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China
Brand value: $15.16 billion
Increase: 36 percent
Industry: Insurance
Headquarters: Guangdong province
No 6 JD.com
Brand value: $12.1 billion
Increase: 266 percent
Industry: E-commerce
Headquarters: Beijing
No 7 Wanda Group
Brand value: $8.87 billion
Increase: 67 percent
Industry: Real estate
Headquarters: Beijing
No 8 Xiaomi
Brand value: $7.26 billion
Increase: 525 percent
Industry: Mobile phones
Headquarters: Beijing
No 9 Alipay
Brand value: $5.32 billion
Increase: 27 percent
Industry: E-commerce
Headquarters: Zhejiang province
No 10 Midea
Brand value: $4.68 billion
Increase: 81 percent
Industry: Home appliances
Headquarters: Guangdong province
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