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The latest China chemical business fraud
Mr. Petr from Czech Republic confirmed that following Chinese supplier is a professional scammer, they lost more than 8700 USD for plastic raw material business (HDPE): 
Dalian Wanhao Chemical Co, Ltd
Add: NO. 6 Gangwan Streed, Zhongshan District, Dalian, P.R. China
Tel: +86 411 39836210 
Mobile:?+86 131 0983 0862
Website: www.dlwhchem.com
Contact: Mr. Morry Kin (fake name)
Here is their story: 
Communicated with the company since November 2014
Placed an order for LDPE Virgin Granula for USD 8760,- on??January 5, 2015
No material was shipped.  
Last communication from the company was on?February 14, 2015
Until today, no other communication took place and no material was shipped
The company is still active on the internet possibly cheating other companies
Following evidence could be available upon request: 
Invoice from the Dalijan Wanhao Chemical Co., Ltd.
Confirmation of the invoice payment
Confirmation from our bank that the Dalijan Wanhao Chemical, Ltd?did receive the payment?of USD 8760,
E-mail communication with Dalian Wanhao Chemical Co, Ltd.
Copy of passport ID of Mr. Morry Kin, who claimed to be Dalijan Wanhao Chemical Co. Ltd. representative and held all the communication with me
Business License of Dalijan Wanhao Chemical Co., Ltd.
Credit Certificate of Dalijan Wanhao Chemical Co., Ltd. with a name
Export License
Submitted pictures of the company from Mr. Morry Kin
Tax certificate of Dalijan Wanhao Chemical Co., Ltd. 
How to check out similar business fraud in China ? A basic Company Checkup service or an on-site Factory Inspection and Auditing service would be a key in China.
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