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Top 10 world economies in digital competitiveness
The IMD World Competitiveness Center in Lausanne, Switzerland, released a new report on the digital competitiveness of economies on May 31.The report, titled IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2017, was designed to "assess the capacity and readiness of a country to adapt, explore and make the most of the digital transformation", according to the center's official website. The ranking was based on 50 criteria — ranging from talent, capital to business agility and IT integration — which were then split into three categories: knowledge, technology and future readiness.The top 10 economies, which have become the most competitive digitally in the world, are listed below:
No 1 Singapore
Score: 100
No 2 Sweden
Score: 95.938
No 3 The United States
Score: 95.41
No 4 Finland
Score: 95.026
No 5 Denmark
Score: 94.524
No 6 The Netherlands
Score: 93.335
No 7 Hong Kong
Score: 92.135
No 8 Switzerland
Score: 91.998
No 9 Canada
Score: 91.761
No 10 Norway
Score: 90.79
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