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World's top 10 fintech hubs
China's Hong Kong has become one of the top 10 most attractive financial technology hubs, with a strong potential for entrepreneurship and innovation, according to global Fintech rankings released by Thomson Reuters.
Singapore takes the leading role as the most attractive center for locating FinTech business, followed by Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland, according to the 2017 Institute for Financial Services Zug global Fintech rankings.
New York City ranks fifth, followed by San Francisco. London has grabbed the eighth spot on the list, which uses four dimensions of evaluation to determine rank, including political or legal,economic,social and technological metrics. This list of most attractive FinTech hubs is generated when all four dimensions are at medium levels.
A comprehensive research study has been conducted to indentify regions within the most robust FinTech ecosystems,using factors such as driving entrepreneurship,innovation and financial technologies,by IFZ,a part of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.
Let's take a look at the world's top 10 Fintech hubs.
2.Zurich, Switzerland
3.Geneva, Switzerland
4.Toronto, Canada
5.New York City, US
6.San Francisco, US
7.Amsterdam, Netherlands
8.London, UK
9.Hong Kong, China
10.Stockholm, Sweden
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