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The features of latest aluminum ingot business scam
         We received a report from one of our Poland clients in early November, 2017, complaining that they were cheated by a Chinese supplier below, they placed an order of a full 20 ft aluminum ingot on June 22, 2017 and paid them the deposit on July 04 but in late September, 2017 they received only three stacks of aluminum ingots from the supplier while the original contract quantity is 25 tons. This case has been formally reported to local officials and police station in China via STIN Case-Report Service, hoping local officials could help them out soon. Here are the scammer details: 
Handan Fubon Metal Technology Co., Ltd 
Attn: Mr. Li-Min Zhang - President   
   Mrs. Jennifer Chan (Sales)
Add: No. 1, Youyi Rode, Development Zone, Handan City, Hebei Province, China
Tel: 0086-310-5308662  Fax:0086-310-8051706
Email: timeless@hbfubang.com; admin@hbfubang.com
Website: www.hbfubang.com 
Let's tell you why this supplier might be a professional scammer without inspecting them in person. 
1.Fake contact names
The scammers normally hire an English translator to reply your email every day, using a fake name. You have no chance to know their real names in China, say, Jennifer Chan, this name is just created in English you cannot trace them in China at all. 
Also 99% of these business cheaters are from North China, covering Hebei, Tianjin, Liaoning and Shandong etc. 
Counter-measures: The client can ask them for their ID copy to know their real name in China before placing any large orders. 
2.Attractive payment terms
The scammer normally offers very attractive payment terms like: 30% deposit and 70% paid after checking the quality at the destination port. Please keep it in mind that the scammer only care your deposit, they do not care your rest balance at all. They will start to escape as soon as they receive your deposit in China.

Counter-measures: If the order is large enough, the client is suggested to book an On-site Supplier Inspection or Investigation Service from STIN before placing any orders. 
3.Business address and business scope 
We note that this scammer did not use their full company address to sign the contract with the client. They used a fake address, which is also located in a rented residential area in China. In China, every company or exporter has their own limited business scope and lot of the businesses have to be licensed. We also noted that the items they sold online were far beyond their business scope in China. 
Countermeasures: STIN professional Company Verification Service can stop you from such cases in China. 
4.Fake company chop
We also noted that this scammer used a fake company chop to sign the contract in China. If they used a fake company chop, indicating that the client cannot take any legal actions against them as the contract is invalid in China. Please note that the official shape of any legal Company Chop is in a round instead of rectangular form. 
Countermeasures: We can help you check it for FREE in China. 
5.Full set of original documents with NO sufficient goods delivered.
The scammer delivered a full set of original documents to the client but only shipped 1/50 of contract value. 
Countermeasures: The client is suggested to book an On-site Loading Process Supervision Service from STIN when the order is big enough to avoid such cases. 
Sources: STIN SERVICE TEAM (www.chinabizservices.com) - Your Eyes, Assistants and Office in China ! 
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