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How to Apply for AQSIQ Registration in China

AQSIQ /GACC registration is a must for any scrap supplier who'd like to enter Chinese market. Most of the applicants have to work local Chinese agents in order to smooth this service in China.

What documents do you have to prepare ?

1.Get an Application Form from STIN or online (www.aqsiq.gov.cn), Fill the form, sign and stamp on it. 

2.Notarized business registration and tax return document, with their Chinese version (all the notarized documents have to be translated into Chinese.)

3.Office pictures and floor plan;

4.ISO9001 certificate, which should include the product category you want to apply for AQSIQ license.

All other remaining documents shall be prepared by STIN or other agents in China.

The time needed for AQSIQ new application:

It usually takes around 2-3 months to release the license after all necessary documents being submitted. So the sooner we submit the application documents, the quicker we can obtain the AQSIQ license.

The application process:

1.Sign a contract with the agent (STIN or others in China), 60% first payment for AQSIQ license together with the 100% payment for ISO9001;

2.Preparing necessary documents, STIN will prepare and make the necessary documents, and register the application in AQSIQ on-line system; We will submit all necessary documents to AQSIQ/ GACC bureau.

3.The AQSIQ will publish the notice if they agree to accept your application upon that if all documents match the requirement, after the preliminary examination get passed, the rest 40% second payment is required.

4.The final result will be updated in AQSIQ on-line system.

5.The AQSIQ bureau will send out the original AQSIQ license and USB-KEY, once you get the original license, you need to notify us for record, and we will help you to install and teach you how to use it.

Please feel free to ask us any question related.

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