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Tongtiandi Digital Market -- The largest wholesale market for refurbished iphones and other brands in China
      Tongtiandi Digital Market is located on No.49,Huafa South Road, several hundred meters away from Huaqiangbei Metro Station. Tongtiandi claims to be the largest wholesale market for refurbished iphones on the globe at present. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world coming here for send-hand phone business every day.
      Tongtiandi was set up as early as in 1999, it is a 3-storey building for mobile phone wholesale business. They focus on second hand cell phone business, the first and second floors are stalls for phone spare parts, repairers and accessories, the third floor is full of refurbished iphone dealers.

     You can source every part of iphones here and if you are a phone technician or repairer, you can even assembly a totally new iphone within 1 hour here as almost all the phone parts are available in this building. You can unlock any iphone, change any screen or any other phone part here. The whole supply chain for refurbished phones can be found within 50 meters around this market.

    Nokia, Sony, Sumsang used to dominate the refurbished phone market here in Shenzhen but now it is the time for Iphones. The sale of refurbished Iphones has accounted for more than 80% of whole Tongtiandi phone revenues last year.  

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