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How to effectively source from multiple Chinese suppliers simultaneously?
For the big buyers or importers, it's not difficult to purchase from multiple suppliers at one time because each supplier could at least fill up a 20 ft container, the customs clearance and logistics are comparably easier. But to those start-up companies,they usually test the markets with small orders, indicating that they need to purchase different products from different suppliers with trial orders at one time. In such cases, the domestic logistics management,lead time control, delivery time control, stocking, warehousing, and customs clearance etc are rather complicated.So how do we make an easier and more effective sourcing from different Chinese suppliers simultaneously when the order is not big enough? 
First of all what we need is a reliable and experienced Chinese partner or purchasing agent like STIN. The ones with direct export license will be much better as they can export and clear the customs directly upon request. An excellent partner or agent can well consolidate all your shipments at one time, coordinate the lead time and delivery time, arrange domestic logistics, control the business risks, arrange warehousing and clear the customs on time etc. 
Secondly, it's vital to control the lead time and delivery time of each shipment. The ones with longer lead time should be paid earlier. All the consolidated shipments shall be delivered to a designated warehouse in China. Any delay of one shipment will result in the delay of whole order, which may cause an unexpected stocking or warehousing cost in China as well. 
Thirdly, all the documents for customs clearance have to be prepared in advance for consolidated orders, each shipment may require different documents for customs clearance. For example, some products are made from wood, then a special fumigation certificate is required in order to clear the customs.
Last but not the least it's necessary to choose the appropriate transportation way, whether to ship by sea, air or express, depends on the total shipping cost and the specific need from each client. 
STIN has rich experience in sourcing and consolidating different shipments for her clients in Mainland China, please feel free to ask us any question related.  
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