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How to source China buyers
China is a huge market for lots of items due to her large population and fast economic development. China has been the second largest economy since early 2016 and is expected to be the largest economy by 2030. China is not only the largest exporter for lots of items,say,shoes,clothes, furniture,and elecronics etc but also China is the largest importer for lots high-tech and raw materials, say,chips,luxury goods, wines, fruits, soybeans and machinery etc. China is a huge market but the competition is also harsh enough, if you'd like to enter China market, you can source some qualified distributors and importers via following 5 ways: 
1).CIIE (China International Import Expo)
CIIE is the largest import fair in Asia, the first CIIE was held in Nov, 2018, attracted more than 3600 enterprises from over 172 countries and areas on the globe. Please have a look at their website for details: https://www.ciie.org 
According to their official announcement, the first CIIE attracted more than 150,000 buyers, concluded a total import value of around 57.83 billion USD of goods, technology and service at this fair. 
2).Industry Fairs
Every industry has their own industry fair in China, here an example for your reference:
CFDF (China Food and Drinks Fair) - http://www.qgtjh.com or http://www.cfdf.org/ 
Launched in 1955, CFDF claims to be the largest industry fair for food and drinks industry. CFDF is held twice per year and every fair, with the total exhibition area of more than 100,000 square meters, can attract around 30,000 enterprises and 150,000 professional visitors in China. Wine and spirits, traditional alcohols, food and drinks, condiments etc can all be exhibited here. 
For more industry fairs in China, please click here for details. 
3).Internet Platform
Internet is the one of best ways for you to source buyers,importers or distributors now in China. 
①. Search Engine
Google is the largest search engine on the globe, while Baidu is the largest one among Chinese communities, it accounts for nearly 80% of China searching market. With a right keyword, you can find out lots of potential buyers on Baidu or Google. 
②. B2B Platforms
Alibaba is the largest B2B platform in China and they claim to have more than 10 million buyers online. 
③. Social Network Platform
Wechat, a part of Tencent Group, is the largest social network platform in China, with more than 1.1 billion users as of Jan, 2019, among them 1.5 million of them are companies or suppliers, 80% of China top 500 brands have registered on Wechat.You can search hundreds of companies on wechat every day. Weibo is the second largest social network platform in China, with more than 0.45 billion users and tens of thousands of corporate users.
4).Customs Data
With a right customs code, you can find out enough importers via Customs Data. You can not only source suppliers from Customs Data but also you can find out lots of qualified buyers from Customs Data,sometimes you have to 'buy' the customs data. 
5).Industry Wholesale Market
In China there are lots of industry wholesale markets,where you can find some qualified distributors or importers in person. Here are two examples for your reference:
Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market http://www.jnmarket.net/
Started in1994. Guangzhou Jiangan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market has been the NO.1 market for imported fruits and vegetables, it claims to have an exhibition area of more tha 400000 square meters, with an annual import of 40000 containers of imported fruits at present.
Zhangjiagang Wood Market  http://news.wood-china.com/market/3021.html 
Started in 1982, Zhangjiagang Wood Market has been the largest wholesale market for imported wood, logs and timbers. The annual deal reached 2 million m³ and account for 30% of China market. It's the No.1 log importer in China. 
If you'd like to market in China, you are free to ask us any question related. 
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