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The Top Industry Associations in China

Sourcing at local industry association is one of the best ways to look for some qualified suppliers in China. Take CIMA (China Instrument Manufacturers Association) as an example, it has more than 851 members at present, among them 756 are the real factories and 56 institutes or R&D centres, 17 college or schools etc. The total member's production capacity accounts for more than 65% in China market. This is nearly the same case in other industry associations in China, each one must have some well-known factories or brands in their field. China Trade Associations & Chamber of Commerce - www.chinaassn.com   Here is the list of a top industry associations in China for your reference.

1. China Ceramics Industrial Association:  www.ccianet.cn
2. China Instrument Manufacturers Association  www.cima.org.cn
3. China Carbon Industrial Association:  www.chinacarbon.org.cn
4. China Software Industry Association:  www.csia.org.cn
5. China Decoration Industry Association:  www.zshyxh.org
6. China Electronics Materials Industry Association: www.c-e-m.com
7. China Trustee Association:  www.xtxh.net
8. China Banking Association:  www.china-cba.net
9. China Construction Industry Association: www.zgjzy.org
10. China Association of Auctioneers: www.caa123.org.cn
11. Insurance Association of China: www.iachina.cn
12. China Association of Performing Arts: www.capa.com.cn
13. China Horologe Association:  www.chinawatch-clock.com
14. China Grain Association:  www.chinagrains.org.cn
15. Association of China Rare Earth Industry:  www.ac-rei.org.cn
16. China Dyeing and Printing Association: www.cdpa.org.cn
17. China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufacturers Association: www.coema.org.cn
18. China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing: www.chinawuliu.com.cn
19. China International Contractors Association: www.chinca.org  or www.chinacode.org.cn
20. China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association: www.chinania.org.cn  www.cnrmetal.com
21. China Enterprise Federation: www.cec-ceda.org.cn
22. China Animal Agriculture Association: www.caaa.cn
23. China Cotton Association: www.china-cotton.org     
24. China National Textile And Apparel Council: www.ctei.gov.cn
25. China Water Engineering Association: www.cweun.org
26. China Customs Brokers Association: www.chinacba.org
27. China Entertainment Technology Association: www.ceta.com.cn
28. China Air Transport Association:  www.cata.org.cn
29. China Association for Quality: www.caq.org.cn
30. China Cuisine Association: www.ccas.com.cn
31. China Association of Communication Enterprises: www.cace.org.cn
32. China Condiment Industrial Association: www.chinacondiment.com
33. China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce: www.capc.org.cn
34. China Association for Medical Devices Industry: www.camdi.org
35. China National Adhesives and Tape Industry Association:  www.cnaia.org
36. China Rehabilitation Devices Association: www.crda.com.cn
37. China National Building Waterproof Association:www.zjxfsfh.com or www.cnwb.net
38. China International Freight Forwarders Association: www.cifa.org.cn
39. China Salt Industry Association: www.cnsalt.cn
40. China Metallurgical Construction Association: www.zgyj.org.cn
41. China Tea Marketing Association: www.ctma.com.cn
42. China Sugar Association: www.cas.gov.cn
43. China Household Electrical Appliance Association: www.cheaa.org
44. China Home Service Association: www.chsa.com.cn
45. China Foundry Association: www.foundry.com.cn
46. China Machine Tool and Tool Builder's Association: www.cmtba.org.cn
47. China Construction Machinery Association: www.cncma.org
48. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers: www.caam.org.cn
49. China Iron and Steel Association: www.chinaisa.org.cn
50. China Machinery Industry Federation: www.cmif.mei.net.cn
51.China Electronic Chamber of Commerce: www.cecc.org.cn
52. China National Garment Association: www.cnga.org.cn
53. China Sewing Machinery Association: www.csma.org.cn
54. China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association: www.ceeia.com 
55. China Hotel Association: www.chinahotel.org.cn
56. China Sporting Goods Federation: www.csgf.org.cn
57. China Household Electronic Appliances Service & Maintenance Association: www.cheasa.org
58. Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China: www.jewellery.org.cn
59. China Insulation & Energy Efficiency Materials Association: www.cieema.cn
60. China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association: www.camda.cn
61. China Bricks & Tiles Industrial Association: www.cbtia.com
62. China Electric Power Construction Association: www.cepca.org.cn
63. China Alcoholic Drinks Association: www.cada.cc
64. China Medical Doctor Association: www.cmda.gov.cn
65. China Property Management Institute: www.ecpmi.org.cn  
66. China Civil Engineering Society: www.cces.net.cn
67. China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association: www.cappma.org
68. China Edible Fungi Association: www.cefa.org.cn
69. China Toy& Juvenile Products Association: www.tjpa-china.org or www.wjyt-china.org
70. China Semi-conductor Association: www.csia.net.cn
71. China Association For Exhibition Centers: www.caec.org.cn
72. Magnesite & Magnesia Cement Products Trade Association of China: www.zglm.org.cn
73. The Association of China Refractories Industry: www.fm086.com
74. China Fruit Marketing Association: www.china-fruit.com.cn
75. China Video Industry Association: www.cvianet.org.cn
76. China Building Ceramics& Sanitary-ware Association: www.ceramicschina.com
77. China Green Food Association: www.greenfood.org.cn
78. China Film Association: www.chinafilm.org.cn
79. China National Seed Association: www.natesc.gov.cn
80.China Medicinal Biotechnology Association: www.cmba.org.cn
81. China Health Care Association: www.chc.org.cn
82. China Textile Commerce Association: www.cttu.org
83.China Printed Circuit Association: www.cpca.org.cn
84. China Building Decoration Association: www.cbda.cn
85. China Crop Protection Industry Association: www.ccpia.org.cn
86. China Fisheries Association: www.china-cfa.org
87. China Association of Warehouses and Storage: www.caws.org.cn
88. China Logistics Association: www.cla.gov.cn
89. China Grocery Products for Daily Use Marketing Society: www.chinariza.org
90. China Beverage Industry Association: www.chinabeverage.org
91. China Food and Packing Machinery Industry Association: www.chinafpma.org
92. China Can Association: www.topcanchina.org
93. China Furniture Association: www.cnfa.com.cn
94. China Hardware Products Association: www.chinahardware.org.cn
95. China Flooring Association: www.chinafloor.cn  or  www.cnfloor.org
96. China Bakery and Confectionery Industry Association: www.china-bakery.com.cn
97. The International Food Packing Association: www.interfp.org
98. China Dairy Industry Association: www.cdia.org.cn
99. Dairy Association of China: www.dac.org.cn
100. China Gift & Leisure Products Association: www.chinaga.org
101. China Hairdressing and Beauty Association: www.chba.com.cn
102. China National Association of Chemical Construction Enterprises: www.cnacce.org.cn
103. China Formwork and Scaffolding Association: www.cnffww.com
104. China National Resources and Recycling Association: www.crra.com.cn
105. China Nonprescription Medicines Association: www.cnma.org.cn
106. Chian Biotech Fermentation Industry Association: www.cfia.org.cn
107. China Glass Association: www.glass.org.cn
108. China Sexology Association: www.chsa.org.cn
109. China Tungsten Industry Association: www.ctia.com.cn
110. China Chemical Fibers Association: www.ccfa.com.cn
111. China Heavy Machinery Industry Association: www.chmia.org
112. China Weighing Instrument Association: www.weighment.com
113. China Shoes Association: www.zgxyscxh.com
114. China Auto Parts Industry Association: www.auto.gov.cn
115. China Musical Instrument Association: www.cmia.com.cn
116. Printing & Printing Equipment Industry Association of China: www.chinaprint.org.cn
117. China Aggregates Association: www.zgss.org.cn
118. China Oral Care Products Industry Association: www.cocia.org.cn
119. China Association of Metal Scraps Utilization:  www.chinascrap.org.cn 
120. China Electronics Enterprises Association: www.ceea.org.cn 
121. International Fireworks Association: www.ifaorg.com
122. China Plastics Processing Industry Association: www.cppia.com.cn

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