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The Top and Well-known Trade Fairs in China

Some Top & Well-known Trade Fairs or Expos in China

Sourcing at local trade fairs is a common way for oversea buyers to find out a qualified supplier. Choosing a right trade fair may save you a lot of time and cost in China sometimes, here are some famous trade fairs or expos in China for your reference:

Canton Fair: www.cantonfair.org.cn            ----Complex
East China Fair: www.ecf.gov.cn         ----Complex
China Yiwu Fair: http://en.chinafairs.org         ----Complex
Furniture China (www.furniture-china.cn )       --- Furniture 
CIFF (http://www.ciff-gz.com )                --- Furniture
FurniSup (www.gzfma.com)                    ---- Furniture Raw Materials and Accessories
CIDE (http://www.door-expo.com )             ----- Door industry
Lock China (http://www.lock-china.net )          ----- Lock industry
MICAM Shanghai (www.micamonline.com.cn)    --- Footwear Industry
CIFL (www.cifl-expo.com )                  ---- Footwear Industry
CIFF (www.ciffchina.com)                   ---- Footwear Industry
SFF (http://www.ilse.com.cn)                 ----- Footwear Industry
Shoe Tech http://shoetech.chinaleatherfair.com    ---- Shoe materials and machinery
SLF (http://www.slfchinafair.com )             ----- Footwear Industry
DFM (http://www.dfmshow.com )              ----- Footwear materials and machinery
FLOWEXPO (www.flowexpo.org )        ---  Valves, Pipe fittings, Fluid handling and control
FLUID (http://www.wsiee.com )   ----Valves, Pipe fittings, Fluid handling and control
CDPVP (http://www.scfme.cn)   ---- Valves, Pipe fittings, Fluid handling and control
   Or   http://www.fluid-sc.cn
Valve World (http://www.valve-world.net )  -- Valve Industry
Water China (http://www.waterchina-gz.com ) --- Water, Pipe, Pump, and Valve Industry
Tube China (www.tubechina.net)  ------ Tube Industry
CHPE (www.chpe.com.cn)      ---- Hosiery industry (socks)
Intertextile (http://www.intertextile.com.cn)      ---- Apparel fabrics and accessories
CHIC ( http://www.chiconline.com.cn )  --- Clothing and Accessories industry
SZIC (http://szic.cn)   --- Clothing industry
Canton Fabric (www.cantonfabric.com.cn )  ---- Apparel fabrics and accessories, yarns
Yarn Expo (www.yarnexpo.com.cn)  --- Yarns, fabrics, dress materials, fibres
CINTE (http://www.cinte.com.cn)  --- Technical textiles and nonwoven industry
Home Textiles (http://www.intertextile-home.com.cn )  --- Home Textile and Accessories
CKCF (www.ckcf.cn )   ----- Underwear and home textile industry
SIFU (www.siuf.com) --- Underwear and intimate apparel etc
CHINA KNITTING (www.chinaknitting.com.cn) --- Knitting Industry
CTFE (www.shssny.com )  -- Textiles, fabrics and accessories industry
RHF http://www.rhfchinafair.com   -----Textile machinery, materials and accessories
Coat Expo (http://www.coatexpo.cn )  ----- Coating, Pigment industry
CIFE  (www.cifexpo.org )                   --- Foodstuff
GIF (http://gzspz.com )                       ---- Foodstuff
SIAL CHINA (www.sialchina.com)             --- Food and Beverage Industry
IBEC (http://www.ib-ec.com) -- Beverage (wine, spirits, beer and other non-alcoholic beverages )
China Paper (http://www.chinapaperexpo.cn)        ---- Paper industry
CEF  (www.icef.com.cn)                     ---- Electronics
ICIF  (http://www.icif.cn/ )                   ---- Chemical Industry
Chem China ( http://www.chemchinaexpo.com )    ---- Chemical Industry
CPCA SHOW ( www.cpcashow.com )           ---- PCB, Electronic Assembly
ICE ASIA ( www.ice-x-asia.com )     --- Paper, film, foil and non-wovens converting industry
IWE ASIA (www.winefair.com.cn)              ---- Wine & Spirits
CIADE (www.wine-expo.org )        -----Wine & Spirits
PCHi ( www.pchi-china.com/en/ )              ----- Cosmetics and personal care products
BJBE (www.bjmrz.com)      ---- Cosmetics, beauty and personal care products
CBE (www.cbebaiwen.com)     ---- Cosmetics, beauty and personal care products 
CIHE&HVAC ( N/A )   ---Solar & electricity, renewable energy, heating tech and equipment etc
CEMENT TECH (www.cementtech.org) ---- Cement-related products, equipments and machinery
CAC (www.agrochemshow.com)       ---- Agrochemical and crop protection products
ADEXPO (www.expo-ad.com )        ---- Advertising-related products
FIC (www.chinafoodadditives.com)     ---- Food ingredients, additives
APFE (http://www.zyexpo.com ) ----Adhesive tapes, protective films, optical films etc, die-cutting
CONCRETE CHINA (www.concretechina.org) – Building materials, construction equipments
SEMICON CHINA (http://www.semiconchina.org) --- Semiconductor technology and products
FPD CHINA  (www.fpdchina.org )  ---- Flat panel display
FUR CHINA (www.fur-fair.com)  ----- Fur and leather products, raw materials
CHINA FISH (http://www.chinafishshow.org )  ---- Fishing products and equipments
LED CHINA (http://www.ledchina-gz.com)  --- LED related products
SILE (www.grayexpo.com )              ----- Lighting Industry (LED)
SIGN CHINA  http://www.signchina-gz.com    ---- LED advertising
ISGF (www.sportgd.com)              ---- Sporting products (all sports-related products, equipments and tech)
ISPO CHINA (http://www.ispo.com )     ----Outdoor sporting products, sports-related products
CIHF (http://www.c-hf.com )           ---- Hardware products
SIAF CHINA (www.siaf-china.com )     ----- Industrial automation
CNEE CHINA (http://www.cleanenergyexpochina.com)   --- New energy
CMHE (www.gzyfzl.com )      ----- Health care products, pharmacy, drugs etc
CIHE (http://www.cihexpo.com)            ---- Health care industry
CINHOE (http://www.gzspzh.com)       ---- Nutrition, health food, Organic products, Food etc
CIHIE (www.jianbohui.com)           ---- Nutrition and health-care products
CCE (www.chinacleanexpo.com )    ----- Cleaning industry
HOTELEX SHANGHAI (www.hotelex.cn )  ----- Hospitality industry
FHC ( www.fhcchina.com ) -- Food and Hospitality Industry
RLOLF (www.rlolf.com)                ------ Street lighting products
R +T ASIA ( www.rtasia.org )  --- Windows (rollers, shutters), doors and sun protection industry
E + P SHANGHAI (www.epchinashow.com)-- Electric power equipment and electrical equipment
DENTAL SOUTH CHINA (www.dentalsouthchina.com) --- Dental products and equipment
SINO-DENTAL  (www.sinodent.com.cn)   ---- Dental products, technology and equipment
CIFM (www.interzum-guangzhou.com) ------Woodworking, furniture materials & interior fittings
EXPO BUILD CHINA (www.expobuild.com)  --- Building materials, design and decoration
GBE CHINA (www.gbechina.com)  ----- Billiards and Billiards Equipment
CIAE ( www.chinaamusement.com)  ----- Game and amusement industry
CHINA JOY (www.chinajoy.net)   ----- Game and amusement industry, digital entertainment
CHINAPLAS (www.chinaplasonline.com)  ---- Plastics and Rubber Industry
CWEE ( www.cwee.com.cn )  ---- Wind energy products and equipment
CHINA EPOWER (www.epower-china.cn) --Power automation,construction, energy conservation
OIL CHINA (www.oilchinaexpo.com)   ----- Olive oil and edible oil
NEPCON CHINA (www.nepconchina.com )  --- SMT equipment and electronics manufacturing
IESD (www.iesdexpo.com )  ---- Surfactant and detergent industry
JEWELRY SHANGHAI (www.chinajewelryshow.com ) --- Jewelry, pearls, gemstones etc
BAKERY CHINA (www.cnbakery.com)  ---- Bakery equipments and baking products
Baking Expo (www.baking-expo.com )  ---- Bakery equipments and baking products 
STONETECH (www.stonetech.org.cn)--- Stone process machinery, equipments, tech and products
EMC CHINA (www.emcexpo.com)-MC/EMI/Certification/Safety,Electromagnetic Compatibility
CISIE ( www.cisie.cn )  ---- Starch and starch derivatives
PALM EXPO (www.palmexpo.net )  ---- Pro Audio, Light, Music and Technology
NGV CHINA (www.ngvchinaqifa.com)  ---- NGV, gas station equipment
CHINA LAB (www.chinalabexpo.com)  ----Analytic and Laboratory equipments
CISILE (http://www.cisile.com.cn)  ---- Instrument, Lab equipment and machines
JNMTE (www.jinnuo-gzjc.com) ---- Machine tools and molds
AUTO CHINA (www.china-autoshow.com)  --- Auto Industry
IAE (www.iaebj.com)  ----- Auto Industry
BUSWORLD ASIA (www.busworldasia.com) ---- Bus, Coach and Vehicles etc
Shanghai AMTS (www.shanghaiamts.com)-- Automotive manufacturing industry &raw materials
SNEC PV (www.snec.org.cn)  ---- Solar energy, PV industry
Die & Mold (www.diemouldchina.com)-- Precision machining, mold-making, forming equipment
BITE (www.bitechina.com.cn)-Tourism destinations, attractions & travel-related goods & services
CITM (http://www.citm.com.cn) -- Tourism industry, travel show
CIMAE (www.cimae.com.cn) --Agricultural facilities, horticulture, farming materials, machinery
ACHEM ASIA (www.achema.cn) ---Chemical apparatus & plant construction, lab&analytical tech
CERAMICS CHINA (www.ceramicschina.com.cn) --- Ceramics industry (products and tech )
P-MEC China (www.cphi-china.com) --- Pharmaceutical machinery, equipment and tech etc
CIMIE China ( www.cimie.com) --- Meat industry (products, tech, equipment or machinery )
HOSFAIR (www.gzhoshow.com) ---- Hotel equipment and supplies
CIMES (www.cimtshow.com )  --- Machine tool industry
EASTPO (www.eastpo.net)    ---- Machine tool industry
CBD (http://fair.cbd-china.com )   --- Building decoration industry
CBME (www.cbmexpo.com )    ---- Children, baby and maternity industry, toy industry
Toy & Hobby (http://www.chinatoyfair.com) --- Toy industry
Kids Expo (http://www.china-kids-expo.com ) --- Toy, kids products
CTE (http://www.china-toy-expo.com )  ----- Toy industry
Gifts ( http://www.chinagiftsfair.com )   ----- Gifts industry, watches, handicrafts etc
CIWE (www.chinaweddingexpo.com.cn) - Children's Photo, photography, Photo Album &Frame
BIBF (www.bibf.net ) ---- Book Industry (trade, copyright,marketing, press etc)
COALCHEM (www.coalchem.cn)  ----Coal-chem Industry
CIPPE ( www.cippe.com.cn/ )  ----Petroleum & Petrochemical Tech and Equipment
SIFE (www.chinafranchiseexpo.com) --- Franchise Industry
ANALYTICA www.analyticachina.com --- Analytica Industry
CHMTA (www.chmta.com) ----Surgical and medical products
ReChina Asia (www.rechinaexpo.com) --- Printing consumables industry,
Printech ( http://www.printechexpo.com ) ---- Printing industry
SIM EXPO (www.szmexpo.com )  ---- Model Industry
CIBIE (www.bearingfair.cn )     ----- Bearings, Bearing Industry
PET SHOW (www.zycwsz.com)   ---- PET industry
CIPS (www.cipscom.com)        ------ PET Industry
VIV China (www.china-av.net )      ---- Animal husbandry, stock farming industry
CIFTEE (www.ciftee.com.cn )   ---- Financial banking tech and equipment
Prolights Sound (www.prolightsound.com) -- Audio, AV, stage equipment, LED display
Music China (http://www.musicchina-expo.com )  ---- Music instrument industry
MICONEX (http://www.miconex.com.cn ---- Instruments industry, measurement instrumentation
Wire China ( www.wirechina.net ) ---- Wire and Cable Industry
CIIF (www.ciif-expo.com)  ----- Equipment manufacturing industry
Bauma China (www.b-china.cn) --- Construction machinery & equip, building material machines
REIFEN (www.reifen-china.com) ----Tire industry, rubber & rubber products, auto parts etc
Auto Parts China (www.chinaqipeihui.com) --- Auto Parts industry
Automechanika (www.automechanika-shanghai.com) --- Auto parts, equipment and service
SIPPE (http://www.sippe.org.cn) --- Petro, Petrochemical, Natural Gas technology and equipment
HSIM (www.baowenzhan.com.cn ) --- Insulating materials and energy-saving technology
Inmex China (www.inmexchina.cn) ---- Maritime industry (ships, vessels etc)
CAFEXPO (www.cafexpo.cn) --- Art and Frame Industry
Appliance World (www.appliance-expo.com) --- Home appliance, kitchen and bath appliance etc
CHAE (http://www.cxchae.com )  ---- Home &Household appliance industry
Household (http://www.jdpeijian.com)  ---- Home appliance production, raw material, spare parts
Domotex Asia (http://www.domotexasiachinafloor.com ) --- Flooring industry
IWTC (http://www.mujiaohui.com/ )  ---- Wood and wood products; timber
Tea Expo (http://www.tea-shexpo.com/ )  --- Tea industry
Teaexpo (http://www.teaexpo.org.cn )    ----- Tea industry
Tea Fair (http://www.teafair.org )      ----- Tea industry
Hardware Expo (http://www.hardwareexpo.cn)  --- Hardware and electrical appliance industry
CIHS (http://www.cihs.com.cn or http://www.koelnmesse.cn)  ----  Hardware industry
CIFTIS (http://www.ciftis.org)           ----- Trade Service Industry

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