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Some important Government Organs (official websites) regardi
When you’re doing business in China, you might need help from local officials, say, verification of business licenses and export licenses, you can contact SAIC (www.saic.gov.cn) for help, when you have trade disputes with your Chinese suppliers, you can obtain help from Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China (China Mofcom: www.mofcom.gov.cn), here is the list of some important government organs for your reference:
China IPO: www.sipo.gov.cn ( to register your Patent in China)
SAIC: www.saic.gov.cn (to check out your suppliers in China)
China Trade Mark Office: www.ctmo.gov.cn ( to register your trade mark in China)
CHINA CUSTOMS: www.customs.gov.cn (to check customs data from China )
AQSIQ: www.aqsiq.gov.cn ( to apply quality certificate in China)
CHINA MOFCOM: www.mofcom.gov.cn ( to solve trade dispute issues )
CHINA FOREIGN AFFAIRS: www.fmprc.gov.cn ( to solve foreign affairs )
CIFA: (www.cifa.gov.cn) ( to source a good shipper or shipping agent in China)
China Quality Certificate Centre: www.cqc.com.cn ( to apply CCC certificate in China )
CFDA: www.cfda.gov.cn (www.sda.gov.cn)
China MPS: www.mps.gov.cn (to report your case to local police station)
China Commodity Net: http://ccne.mofcom.gov.cn (suppliers officially verified from China)
CCPIT : www.ccpit.org (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade)
China Arbitration Commission: http://www.cietac.org.cn  or www.cietac.org
 ( to obtain arbitration service)
ACLA: www.acla.org.cn ( to find out enough qualified lawyers from China)
China Court: www.court.gov.cn ( to take legal actions against your suppliers in China when necessary)
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