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Why do you need a Professional Sourcing service in China
What is a Professional Sourcing service?
Professional Sourcing refers to the sourcing service carried out in a very professional way. Some buyers only search online or simply attend a general commodity trade fair, which is regarded NOT professional enough sometimes.
How to conduct a Professional Sourcing service?
First of all, Professional Sourcing means product proficiency; you have to be very proficient with the product itself, covering the product name, specifications, descriptions, application and market price etc. You have to try to be an expert in this field.
Second, Professional Sourcing indicates the proficiency of related manufacturing bases. In China, almost every city or province has their own pillar industries, esp for some special items, say, ceramics, chemicals, fireworks etc. Please check STIN On-site Sourcing Service for details.
Actually Canton Fair is not the best place for you to meet and find out some qualified suppliers in China. There are 90% of them are trade companies, individuals or even scammers.
The best place for you to meet and find out some qualified suppliers is the manufacturing bases. For example, if you're looking for 'fireworks', you have to go to Liuyang city, which is called 'home of fireworks', where there are 400000 people directly or indirectly engaging in this business in China. 'Liuyang -- made' fireworks account for more than 60% global market at present. This is the same to other products; almost every product has their unique manufacturing bases in China. This is why there are more and more clients booking our 'professional sourcing' service in China.
This is the same situation to other products, say, Zhuji for socks, Yiwu for general commodities, Xintang for jeans, Wenzhou for ties and shoes, Anji for bamboo products, Liling for ceramics etc, Yongkang for hardwares, Shenzhen for electronics, Guangzhou for clothes, Xuchang for hair products, Changzhou for floorings etc. Of course some products may have more than two or three manufacturing bases as China is too big. For example, in North China people to go to Tianjin to buy steel banquet chairs while in South China, Shunde is the largest manufacturing base for those items. 
Third, Professional Sourcing means that you have to attend professional trade fair instead of the general trade fairs. Say, if you’re buying furniture you can have a try on Furniture China (www.furniture-china.cn), and this is the same for other product sourcing, Door industry -- www.door-expo.com, Lock industry -- www.lock-china.net and Tube industry -- www.tubechina.net etc. More professional fair information, please have a look at: http://www.chinabizservices.com/news/2013/0701/41.html
Lastly, Professional Sourcing needs professional verification skills, you have to be able to check out their export or import qualifications and obtain their full registered information in order to avoid future business scams in China. Some professional sourcing service company like STIN offers FREE Basic Verification Service on their suppliers after the client books their sourcing service in China.
Why do you need a professional sourcing service in China?
STIN sourcing service is becoming more and more popular among our clients worldwide due to following reasons:
First we can save you lot of time, cost and energy etc in China.
Second we are able to find out the truth and check out any of your suppliers with local officials in person.
Third we are local experts and we are very familiar with the industry clusters or manufacturing bases all over China.
STIN professional sourcing service is one of the best in China:www.chinabizservices.com
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