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Top 10 most attractive Chinese cities for foreigners
Shanghai ranked as the "most attractive" city for foreign residents due to its international atmosphere and multicultural environment, according to an annual survey.
Beijing remained second, thanks to its advantages in healthcare and educational resources, while Hangzhou also held onto third place.
The rankings, released on April 15, are based on a survey of about 25,000 expatriates nationwide in December and January.
The criteria ranged from living environment and local culture to administrative services and favorable policies for foreign residents.
The China Society for Research on International Professional Personnel Exchange and Development launched the annual survey in partnership with International Talent magazine in 2010 as a way to promote the nation's cities.
Let's take a look at the top 10 cities for foreigners.
No 1 Shanghai
No 2 Beijing
No 3 Hangzhou
No 4 Qingdao
No 5 Tianjin
No 6 Shenzhen
No 7 Suzhou
No 8 Guangzhou
No 9 Nanjing
No 10 Changchun
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