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The latest aluminum ingot business scammer from China
We received a report from one of our Indian customers last week, complaining that they were cheated by a Chinese supplier below, they placed an order of aluminum ingot in March, 2017 and paid them the deposit on March 15 but in early May they received an empty container from the supplier. I had a look at their Business Card below and found out that they might be a professional scammer in China: 
Changchun Hua Sheng Metal Sales Co., Ltd
Attn: Mr. Frank Wang (C.E.O)  Mobile: 0086-151-22987201
      Mr. Tony Chen (Sales Manager)  Mobile: 0086-185-26655021 
Add: Tower B, 24 E, Huasheng Plaza, No.146, Weidi Road, Hexi, Tianjin, China
Tel: 0086-022-60771752        Fax: 0086-022-60771752 
Email: north_metal@163.com   3483381657@qq.com 
Website: www.north-metal.com 
Let's tell you why this supplier might be a professional scammer without inspecting them in person. 
1.Company name and their business address
Their company name indicates that they are registered in Changchun city but their address betrayed that they were living in Tianjin city, China. These two cities are several hundred kilometers away from each other and it is NOT allowed for any normal and legal business in China.  
2.Office telephone, fax and cellphones
Mobile: 0086-151-22987201  or  0086-185-26655021 
Tel: 0086-022-60771752        Fax: 0086-022-60771752 
Their telephone, fax and cell phone numbers are all registered in Tianjin city, while their company is registered in Changchun city, which is NOT allowed for any legal business in China.  
By the way, everybody can position a mobilephone number simply by fill the number in the following blank:  http://www.hao123.com/haoserver/showjicc.htm
3.Business licesne checking
Any legal company from Changchun city can be checked out at Changchun MSA (short for Market Supervision Administration), here is their official website: www.ccgs.gov.cn 
No information on this supplier found at Changchun MSA, indicating that they are NOT a qualified company now in China. 
4.Business scopes
In China, every company or exporter has their own limited business scope and lot of the businesses have to be licensed. If the supplier is selling too many different hot-sale products onine, then it might be 100% scammer. 
5.Unbelievable prices: 
If their prices are too low to be true, you have to forget them or ask them for reference before doing any business with them. Ask them why their prices are so low. If your order is large enough, then you’d better book an On-site third-party supplier/ factory inspection service from STIN or similar service companies in China to check them out in person before further discussion. 
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