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      STIN During-Production QC Inspection ( DPI )
      The During-Production QC Inspection is mainly an inspection of semi-products, stock of raw materials, production process, package requirements, workmanship etc during the production of your order in China.

     Key features for During-production QC Inspection Service: 
   - Performed prior to payment of the rest balance.
   - Cater for large orders or the order with strict quality requirements.  
   -Check stock of raw materials and manufacturing process to make sure the lead time is correct.
   - Make sure the factory is strictly following your QC requirement during the production
   - Find out the defects and improve the quality level during the mass production  
   - Prevent usage of wrong materials and avoid re-work on your order.
   - Check the packing materials, labels, shipping marks etc regarding your order.
   - Avoid other illegal activities during your order (e.g. Child laborers are not allowed during production.)

        STIN provides a range of Quality Control inspection services for overseas buyers, manufacturers, retailers and bulk commodity traders, including  pre-production, during-production, final random sampling, pre-shipment, and loading process supervision inspection etc.
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